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Master bedroom with wooden floor or floor tiles?
Bedroom using wooden floor or flooring tiles? This problem is estimated to become a problem that most men and women ... ...

Master bedroom with wooden floor or floor tiles?

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Posted on: 03/28/18
Bedroom using wooden floor or flooring tiles? This problem is estimated to become a problem that most men and women will bother. The solid wood floor and the floor tiles usually are not absolutely good or harmful, everything has two facets, and it needs distinct analysis.

So today, Xiaojiu offers you a summary of this bedroom's wooden floor as well as floor tiles!

One, wood made floor

1, when the family has a well used man, a child, it's advocated to choose wood decking.

The tone of that wooden floor is mild, and the foot seems comfortable. The child barefoot on the floor will not be very cool; the old man usually be inconvenient in actions, and the wooden floor could have relatively good anti-skid consequence, preventing it from ranking and wrestling when jogging.

2, like a nice home environment, it is usually recommended to choose wood made floor

The visual effects of wooden floors will be more natural and beautiful, making a more warm and inviting atmosphere, making life practical and relaxing.

3, wooden floor sound insulation is much better

Relatively speaking, the soundproofing effect with wood floor is a lot better than that of ground tiles. If the soundproofing on the house's floor is terrible, or the running of the children at home is actually frequent, the footsteps of hard-soled shoes are all easy to downstairs. The neighbours produce noise.

4, wet areas, wood flooring is just not recommended

Wooden floors may corrode than floor tiles, especially if there is a large gap somewhere between the wooden floor plus the wooden floor. Even work with a damp mop that will mop the floor, it will eventually become moldy or corroded eventually. For some territorial rich waters and relatively humid places, it is highly recommended to not use wood flooring, otherwise it will be really "deteriorating".

Second, flooring tiles

1, floor tiles easy to have healthier, more practical

Tiles are not easy to hide stain and dust, can be cleaned which has a wet mop, do definitely not wax maintenance, usually simple and easy to decontaminate.

2, the cost associated with floor tiles optional space

The cost of the floor tiles might be high or low, as well as the choice of space is usually larger than that on the wooden floor. The friends and family can satisfy all cash flow levels. The choice of style is additionally rich and varied. The particular decoration is simple, the actual effect is atmospheric, as well as the modern sense is entire.

3, ready to shop floor heating, floor tiles tend to be suitable

If you will be ready to install warm floor tiles, the thermal conductivity connected with wood tiles is greater. In the case with wooden floors, the price of the selected effect is actually normal. Under the effect belonging to the warmth, more toxic substances are released than while in the closet.

4, the exact price basis, tiles more eco-friendly

From the perspective associated with environmental protection, ordinary wood floors (especially more cost-effective ones) will add impurities in the production process. These impurities will gradually release toxic substances for a later stage, and your floor tiles are essentially near zero release.


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